Marriott is a world-famous chains of hotels with hotels located in different parts of the world. Currently, Marriott offers 3 rewards credit cards for customers, all of which are issued by Chase. The following are the 3 Marriott travel rewards credit card.

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Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card offers 75K bonus points when you spend $3K within the first 3 months. According to its rewards program, you earn 5x points for per dollar spent at selected Marriott and SPG hotels. Upon reaching the account anniversary, you also get to redeem 1 free night stay at the hotel of your choice from the category 1 – 5 list.

You earn 2x points for per dollar spent if you buy air tickets, rent car or dine at local restaurants. Spending money on other items will earn you 1x point. Every year, you will receive 15 credits. For each $3,000 you spent, you will receive 1 elite credit. The annual fee is $0 in the first year but you’ll be charged $85 starting from the second year.

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Marriott Rewards Premier Business Credit Card offers 75k bonus points when you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months. The signup bonus offer is valid for customers who haven’t yet receive this bonus in the last 2 years. Following your account anniversary, you can claim 1 free night stay at category 1 – 5 hotels. Cardholders who spend at least $50,000 per year will be able to earn Marriott Rewards Gold Elite benefits.

It offers unlimited 5x points when you shop at selected Marriott Rewards and SPG hotels. You earn 2x points when spending money on items such as airline ticket, rent a car, dine at restaurant, office, internet, cable and phone. It has $0 annual fee in the first year. You get charged with the regular $99 annual fee starting from the second year. The card has expensive annual fee of $450.

The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card offers 2 complimentary nights at selected hotel when you spend $4,000 within the first 3 months. The 2 complimentary nights is worth $100. Only customers who haven’t receive the member bonus in the past 24 months can receive the 2 complimentary nights. With this card, you earn 5x point per dollar spent for shopping at selected Ritz-Carlton hotels, 2x points per dollar spent on travel and restaurant and 1x point per dollar spent on everything else.

Every year, you get $300 travel credit like vouchers that can be applied for various types of airline purchases such as baggage, lounge access upgrades for the seat, and etc. When your account reach one year anniversary, it will automatically receive Gold Elite status. Cardholders also receive a priority pass that gives them access to lounges in more than 400 cities around the world. The priority pass costs $399 value if you purchase it.