Many top credit cards charge annual fees, but it is still possible to find one that does not extra fees. As always, visit the card issuers website for specific credit card details. If you are traveling often and searching for credit cards with limited fees, here is a great list of promotional cards for 2016 that you should consider.

1. MBNA Platinum Plus MasterCard
MBNA Platinum Plus MasterCard offers the longest introductory period for 0% balance transfer APR rate. You will enjoy 0% APR for balance transfer and purchases in the 12 months introductory period. You can save hundreds of dollars in interest rates if you transfer your existing debt to this card. All the payment you make into your account will be used to reduce the balance in the 12 months period. The balance transfer fee is 1% or a minimum of $7.50 for each balance transfer. MBNA Platinum Plus MasterCard does not have any annual fee.

2. American Express SimplyCash Card

SimplyCash card by American Express offers 0% APR for balance transfer in the first 6 months. You can use this card for balance transfer of 50% of your credit line up to $7,500. You get charged with 1% fee for every balance transfer transaction. The card offers 5% cashback when you spend money on gas, groceries and restaurants within the first 6 months. You can earn 1.25% cash back on all other purchases during the introductory period. There is no limit on the amount of cash back to earn.

3. Rogers Platinum MasterCard

Rogers Platinum MasterCard waives the annual fee of $29 during the first year. You don’t need to pay the annual fee if you setup pre-authorized payment in your Rogers bill. As soon as you sign up for the card, you will receive at $35 welcome bonus cash back rewards. The card rewards you with a 1.75% cash back rewards on all your purchases and this card is widely accepted at any store that accepts MasterCard. The cash back rewards can be redeemed at the local Rogers store.

4. Tangerine Money Back Credit Card

Tangerine Money Back Credit Card is a no annual fee credit card that allows you to earn 2% cash back rewards on 3 categories and 1% cash back rewards on other categories. You get to earn 4% cashback n selected categories during the first 3 months. The card is accepted at Costco as well as Loblaws stores.

5. Amazon Visa Card

Amazon Visa Card is another card that does not charge annual fees. You can start using the card as soon as your application is approved. They will send you a $20 gift certificate that you can spend on after the approval of your application. You earn 2% cash back for every dollar you spent at the and 1% cash back for every dollar spent at other places.

Searching for the top credit cards for 2016? Stay tuned to our website for updated promotions and credit card reviews for all of the best credit cards in 2016!