Chase Freedom is ideal for people with a credit score in the upper 600. You can earn 5% cash back on rotating bonus categories for up to a maximum of $1,500 in spending limit per year. This means that you can earn up to $75 each year in cash back if you regularly Chase Freedom to do your shopping. Examples of rotating bonus categories are gas, dining, and pharmacy.

Spending money on other purchases also entitles you to receive a 1% cash back. The 1% cash back will be automatically credited to your Chase Ultimate Rewards account. There is no cap on the spending limit for the 1% cash back. The card offers new card members the opportunity to earn $150 signup bonus when you spend $500 during the first 3 months. The $150 signup bonus is not for old cardmembers who have already received this signup bonus before in the past 2 years.

Each of the point you earn on the Chase Freedom credit card is worth 1 cent. The rewards point accrued in the Chase Ultimate Rewards account can be redeemed with various stuff such as gift card, vouchers for Amazon shopping and cash.

Chase Freedom features a 15 months zero percent intro period on both purchases and balance transfer. After the 15 months intro period ends, you will get charged with a variable APR rate, which is subject to change, you can see the full details once you apply for the card. Chase Freedom comes with many protection features such as zero liability, purchase, extended warranty, fraud protection and fraud alerts.

It does not require its cardholders to pay the annual fee every year. The cash back rewards do not expire and it does not set any minimum requirement for the cash back redemption. Chase Freedom can be used for balance transfer and you must pay the 5% fee every time you transfer an amount.

Another Chase credit card that is suitable for people who have average credit score is Chase Slate. Chase Slate has received the Best Credit Card for Balance Transfers award in Money Magazine. It is great for paying down credit card debts except the debts of credit cards you apply from Chase bank. You can get approved for a Chase Slate credit card if you have a credit score in between 630 – 719.

Chase Slate also features a 15 months zero percent intro for both purchases and balance transfers. The balance transfer fee is waived if you transfer the balance in the first 60 days. You get access to free FICO score every month and you don’t have to pay any annual fee. The card is suitable for people are likely to make late payment because it does not charge a late penalty.

Last updated February 28, 2019