Discover ranks the highest for the customer service satisfaction followed by American Express and Chase. DiscoverIT card offers 5% cash back bonus when you spend money on the quarterly rotating categories. All other purchases that you made on the Discover it card are qualified for 1% cash back. Many Discover it cards do not charge annual fee. It offers a convenient tool called Freeze It that prevents your card from being charged for any transaction when the card is missing. Discover offers 24/7 customer support for customers.

American Express has been doing their best to improve the customer service. For example, they allow card holders to redeem the points they accumulate with mobile gift card. The Pass feature will automatically inform card holders when they make a purchase as well as informing them how much balance is left in their account. Amex has a community forum where card holders can discuss about anything related to the American Express card and services. Amex’s customer support is highly regarded because they always stand on the customer’s side instead of at the side of the merchants in the event of a dispute. American express offers an efficient online banking that allows customers to manage their accounts easily. Amex card comes with all the basic benefits such as extended warranty, and price protection.

Chase credit cards offer higher sign up bonuses compared to other credit cards. Chase credit cards also offer great rewards programs for customers and they do not charge annual fee or foreign transaction fee. The customer service that Chase offers is completely based in the USA. Chase Sapphire has been rated as the Best Credit Card for Balance Transfers for 3 consecutive years.

The above 3 credit cards have been consistently rated with the best customer service by J. D. Power. The factors that are taken into account when evaluating the customer service level are interaction between the customer representatives and cardholders, credit card’s fine print, bill repayment, resolution of the issues brought forward by the customers, rewards program and other services.

One reason why these cards are rated with the best customer satisfaction is because they have a secure encryption system that protect the personal information of the cardholder. Cardholders feel satisfied when they know that their personal information is always secure.

Rewards program plays an important role in the customer’s experience. A credit card with a good rewards program will make the customer feels that their money has more value when they use the card to do shopping. Customers are likely to use their card and redeem rewards frequently which can lead to a higher satisfaction level. Survey shows that card holders who redeem rewards spend a few hundred dollars more compared to those who do not redeem rewards.