Cash back reward credit cards offer a fantastic perk, but the standard 1% does not add up as fast as most users would like. The question of which credit cards offer more than the 1% has yet to be answered. There are several cards that do offer more than that 1% if the consumer knows where to look.

If you shop at a retail store frequently, look into the store credit card if there is one available. There are often greater perks when patronizing that chain. For example, while not cash back, Target’s RedCard and home improvement store Lowe’s offers 5% off on all purchases every day. Other stores, such as Kohl’s, also offer higher percentage coupons for cardholders.

For higher cash back on gas, try to patronize only one or two station chains and open their cards. In addition to getting up to 5% cash back, it is also better for your vehicle to use the same type of gas. Hess’s credit card, offered by Example Seven, boasts 5% cash back as an automatic statement credit when you reach the $25.00 rewards threshold. BP also earns a competitive cash back rate. This rate varies based on the amount that the card is used per month.

Credit cards that are accepted everywhere can also have higher than standard rewards programs. Many cards offered by Example One and Example Seven have rotating categories that offer 5% cash back with a cap at $1500.00 per cycle. Each cycle lasts one quarter, or three months. Restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, gas, and car rentals are popular categories. If you use multiple cards, it is beneficial to use the one that has the highest cash back for the specific category that month. Although many cards participate in this type of program, it is unlikely that any two cards have the same promotion in any given cycle.

If you are in the market for a new credit card, many credit cards offer up to 25% cash back for a specific promotional period. The average cash back percentage during this promotional period is five to ten percent. The average promotional period is three to six months with some extending to twelve months. This offer is good for “regular” cards as well as brand specific cards. Brand specific cards are more likely to offer introductory cash back rates. Accepted anywhere cards often offer a specific amount of cash back when a specific amount is spent. For example, if $1,500 is spent on the new card in the first three months, $200 will be credited as a statement credit. This bonus statement credit is in addition to any regular cash back earned.

When looking it is easy to find great cash back deals on credit cards. Promotional rates, a favorite brand card or rotating categories, higher than average rewards will help better your financial position. Find a card or a few cards that suit your lifestyle needs and enjoy being handsomely rewarded for everyday necessities.