In the past year incidences of online identity theft, credit card hacking and theft of login and password data were literally in the millions. Several major stores had their data stolen and their cyber systems breached by professional hackers. The FACTA laws have severe penalties for loss by fault of the custodian of any consumer personal financial data and there are no limits on civil litigation. For credit information to be lost in the millions of cards and customers data is a cyber disaster. Loss of personal information online can have serious implications for the victims. Perpetrators can set up accounts and make purchases, clean out bank and other financial accounts, take out loans; just about any combination of elements that can financially damage a reputation and take months to repair. For this to happen on such a large scale and often also caused havoc with the damaged economy as well. Consumer confidence was shaken and sales fell.

Today selecting a credit card that has the best fraud protection,and remediation program is a chief concern for astute consumers.It is generally agreed that the best choice at present is .The service plan that the bank offers on all its credit cards is exemplary.

‘s Total Security Protection Package offers a combination of monitoring and security solutions that covers many areas of protection of personal and financial information. Their Zero Liability Protection system credits you back for any fraudulent use of a stolen card right up the period of illegal or unauthorized use. Your account is credited immediately upon discovery of the fraud as well. Bank security software monitors card usage and is alerted by unusual or abnormal usage patterns.The software also notes locations and types of usage and automatically blocks possible fraudulent usage.

Bank issued cards can feature a photo ID as clients wish. This further enhances the secure use of the card.The bank’s security policy is intent on focusing on protection of personal information. State of the art cyber security is employed to protect all information collected by the bank for customer and service. This policy is available for review and comment on the bank’s website.

The bank uses fraud analysis to anticipate patterns of unauthorized usage and alert customers and authorities to illegal activity of this nature. The bank considers credit card fraud and personal information theft to be a serious national issue.Security programs monitor all consumer information for unusual changes and signs of illegal use and make this credit card issuer the leader.

This article was written by Steven Moore, who has been covering consumer finance and the credit card markets since 2006. You can learn more and connect at his Google+ page.