Costco Anywhere Visa rewards credit card is the new credit card introduced by Costco through Citi bank. Costco officially ended its relationship with American Express and stop offering the Amex Costco card since the middle of last year. The new card is may be more appealing and carry some better features compared to the old Amex card. Even though it does not offer any big signup bonus, it is still a valuable rewards card for consumers as it has a great rewards program.

Costco Anywhere Visa rewards credit card provides 4% cash back for up to $7,000 on gas. After you exceed $7,000, you will still earn 1% cash back on gas. Only gas purchased at the local petrol station will earn 4%. Gas purchased at other places like the supermarket and shopping center will only earn 1% cash back. When you use the card for food and travel expenses, you will get to earn a cash back of 3%. Any purchases made with Costco Visa rewards credit card at a local or online Costco store will earn you a 2% cash back. All other purchases will earn you a 1% cash back.

The cash back that you have earned can be exchanged as coupon that you can use to redeem for any item at a Costco store in the USA. They will automatically send you a cash reward certificate every February. To have the coupon mailed to you, you must remember to redeem it on the 31st December. Closing down your card before February can also cause all your accumulated points to become missing. Costco Anywhere Visa credit card and all other Citi cards offer the Private Pass feature which allows you to buy tickets to concerts and sports tickets when it is sold out.

The card has no annual fee but it does require you to become a member of Costco to be qualified for getting the card. There are several types of Costco memberships and the cheapest will cost only $55 annually. You can signup for the Costco membership at the Costco site. The cash back will make the card worthwhile even with the membership fee if you regularly use it to spend on gas, restaurant and travel. Costco Anywhere Visa credit card is accepted by any merchant that accepts Visa card around the world.

Costco Anywhere Visa rewards credit card comes with a purchase protection against damage & theft where you get a full refund if the recent purchases you made get damaged or stolen within 120 days. If you are from New York, the damage & theft purchase protection will only offer coverage for 90 days. Everything that you purchase with the Costco card will also be covered with an extended warranty.