JD Power Ratings for Top Credit Card Companies

JD Power released the annual nationwide best customer experiences study on the 20th August 2015. JD Power regularly carries out surveys to determine which credit card company get the highest customer feedback/ JD Power rates the credit card companies’ customer satisfaction on a point scale that ranges from 790 – 1000 points. The point rating of the top credit card company in the 2015 JD Power US Credit Card Satisfaction Report surpasses the highest point rating in 2014, which is 778.

According to the 2015 JD Power US Credit Card Satisfaction Study report, Discover is the credit card company with the highest level of customer satisfaction in 2015. It was also rated with the best overall customer satisfaction in 2014. Discover was given a rating of 828 by JD Power. Discover is able to grab the first position because they put a lot of emphasis on the point redemption process.

Discover improved the rewards point redemption to allow customers to easily and quickly redeem the rewards points. Customer satisfaction improved when they find the rewards offered in the rewards point program attractive. Discover has constantly comes up with new ways to improve their customer satisfaction level. They are always trying their best to minimize the problems that customers will face.

The second place is taken by American Express with a rating of 820 by JD Power. American Express has continually been rated as the number one US credit card company with the best overall satisfaction in customer service for many years since the study was first carried out in 2007. American Express lost its first position to Discover in 2015. although Amex didn’t rank in the first position in 2015, they have received a lot of positive feedback from customers about their world class customer service annually. Amex’s executive stated that they will review their customer service performance and do their best in improving it.

The credit card company that ranks in the third place in customer satisfaction level is Chase. Chase’s customer service is fast in picking up customer phone call. Their customer representative are familiar with the details in the credit card programs and they can explain to you about the terms and conditions of each type of credit card Chase offers.

Chase was given a rating of 792 out of a 1000 point scale in JD Power. Chase has taken the effort to find out what customers wants and implement them so that it is easier for them to do business with the clients. Chase is consistent in their customer service performance for the past 3 years, starting from 2013. It was ranked as the credit card company with the best satisfaction in 3 regions in 2013 and two regions in the USA 2014.

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