It is not surprising that there are many credit card companies offering credit cards for people with average credit score range in between 650 – 699. The following are a few credit card companies that issue cards for people with average and fair credit score.

Barclay bank is one the financial institutions that issue credit cards for people with an average credit score level. The Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard is a great travel rewards card for people with fair credit. It rewards the card holder with a 2.1% rewards rate for the travel and dining categories and 1.05% rewards rate for other categories. You get to earn a sign up bonus of 20,000 miles equivalent to $200 if you spend at least $1,000 within 90 days. Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard does not charge any foreign transaction fee.

Another card issued by Barclay for fair credit is the Barclay Rewards Mastercard that allows you to earn 2x points on gas and grocery but the points won’t be counted if you shop at Target and Walmart. You also get to earn 1x points for other types of purchases. The points rewards program has no expiry date and you don’t have to pay annual fee on this card.

Capital One offers several credit cards for people with fair credit including Capital One Platinum and Capital One Quicksilver One card. Capital One Platinum card gives you the opportunity to access a higher credit line if you promptly make payment for the credit card bill on time. Capital One Quicksilver One Card offers 1.5% cash back on unlimited purchases without imposing any restriction on rotating categories. The card offers 0% APR introductory period that will last until February 2017.

Celtic Bank has issued the Indigo Platinum card with the cooperation of Genesis Bankcard Services. Indigo Platinum card accepts applicants with low credit score and those who have filed for bankruptcy before.

Credit One Bank offers two cards including Credit One Rewards credit card and Credit One Platinum Visa credit card for people with average credit score. The two credit cards are fully unsecured cards that can help you to build your credit score. It offers 1% cash back on the categories of gas and grocery. It monitor your repayment activity and automatically check to see if you qualify for higher credit line.

Discover Bank issues the Discover It for Students, which is a student credit card for students with a credit score range of bettween 600 – 700. The card offers 5% cash back for the first $1,5000 you spend. This card offers $20 cash back for students who achieve a GPA 3.0 level for the next 5 years. You earn double cash back by the end of the year.

Chase Freedom is for people with a credit score in the upper range of 600 – 700. It offers 5% cash back for a minimum purchases of $1,500 on rotating bonus categories that change every year. Chase Slate offers 0% introductory period for 15 billing cycles. Chase Slate does not charge you any balance transfer fee if you transfer your balance in 60 days.