Not all credit card offers are published online at the review site or credit card comparison tool. There are a lot of good credit card deals that can be found offline if you know where to search. One way to find credit card promotions that are you don’t find online is to search for credit card brochures in your mail box. It is common to receive credit card brochures in your mail box and you surely have received quite a number of them in the past. This is called targeted offer and you may be the only customer that the bank sends you the special credit card offer. Next time, when you got credit card brochures in your mail box, you should go through each of them instead of just throwing them into the dustbin like junk.

Usually, the brochure has a customer support toll free number that you can dial to confirm the details of the credit card you are interested in applying. It is important to always ask the representative a few questions to make sure it is really the credit card offer you are looking for prior to signing up.

You may be wondering how you can find this credit card offers in your email when you did not give away your email address to these credit card companies at all. It is most likely that they got them from the 3 credit bureaus as all the 3 credit bureaus are allowed to sell your personal information to the lenders.

Many retail stores and restaurant will give a discount to customers who use certain credit cards to pay for the purchases. Walking into these stores allows you to know what credit card is offering promotions like cash backs and discounts. Besides, you can also ask friends or family members who have credit cards for recommendations as they probably know where you can search for a good credit card deal offline.

Before you start searching for a credit card deal, you must know what types of credit card features you are looking for. For example, if you are a good student that consistently achieve a good GPA and now wants to apply for a credit card to cover some expenses, you should look for a student credit card that let you earn cash back on maintaining a good GPA every year.

You should do calculations on the fees to make sure that it is worth it to sign up for the card. If the card offers rewards, the rewards that you receive should be higher than the annual fee otherwise there is no point signing up. Whether or not a card has annual fee should not be primary factor for deciding whether to sign up for the card. This is because there are many other types of fees that a credit card can charge aside from the annual fee.