Summer is a perfect time to shop and add new furnishings and the colors of summer to homes. Home design, however, is not cheap. It can be a very expensive enterprise, especially when using cash to redecorate homes. A few trendy items can add up to hundreds of dollars. This is one reason many homeowners are opening the door to other forms of available credit.

While there are many forms of credit to choose from, the most convenient is a credit card, especially one with a rewards card program that allows extra savings on select merchandise, such as home furnishings. Different credit cards have different rewards so be sure to know the differences before signing up for a rewards card.

One of the best rewards cards is the U.S. Bank Cash+ card. This is because it allows users to customize the rewards categories in the different quarters of the year. Users can pick two 5% categories, and up to $2,000 in net savings, and one 2% category in each quarter. The categories are changed each quarter.

For instance, card holders that will be involved in home improvement projects can select 5% categories that include furniture stores, and department stores, and 2% savings category at gas stations. This allows a 5% savings on all purchases related to home furniture or accessories purchased from furniture and department stores. It would also allow for a 2% savings on gas for shopping trips. For the summer this could apply to the July-September quarter.

After September new categories can be chosen for holiday shopping. For instance, electronics stores and department stores allow for 5% savings on anything purchased from the store. Christmas shopper reward card holders would save 5% on holiday gift shopping on any purchases from electronic or department stores. Choosing grocery stores as the 2% category would allow for extra savings on holiday meal shopping.

Most cards do not allow card holders to customize cards and plan for specific types of shopping in this way. Most credit card rewards categories are preset by the credit card company, and credit card holders do not have the option of selecting others. Because of this many card holders have more than one card they use and plan their shopping or projects around the preset reward categories in the specific quarters they are offered.

Using a card such as the U.S. Bank Cash+ Card allows more convenience. Card holders don’t have to wait until specific quarters, or use more than one card to gain rewards on specific merchandise. The ability to customize cards means furnishing homes for the summer has never been so easy. Card holders can make desired purchases when they have the time for projects, without waiting or planning around credit card rewards.