Today we are going to talk about something that most people likely have but do not know about. Other people might not have this but after reading this are likely going to want it, and that’s perks. Credit card perks to be exact. No one really thinks about the perks that come with credit cards, many of them are buried in the fine print, but these perks are often what makes it worth having a credit card. Some of the perks you can get with a credit card are down right amazing in fact. Keep in mind the perks I am listing are not available on every credit card but they are available on many of the credit cards out there on the market today, especially credit cards geared towards those with good to excellent credit.

Extended warranties:
Ever been to a store such as Best Buy and get asked if you would like to purchase an extended warranty? Well with most credit cards you never have to purchase an extended warranty, as the credit card will extend the warranty on the items you buy by one additional year which for most people will suffice.

Shopper protections:
Some cards offer you return protection which will guarantee you product satisfaction. Example Six cards offer this service. If you do not like the product you purchased the store is obligated to accept your return, it is part of doing business with the credit card company. You have 90 days to return an item and even if the store normally does not accept returns they have to with Amex. If they do not accept the return the credit card company will refund you the money.

Roadside Assistance

Much like AAA certain credit cards offer you roadside assistance. Towing up to 10 miles, help changing a flat tire, jump starting your car and other emergencies will be handled by your credit card on their expense. Towing can be expensive. My wife made use of the service for help with a flat tire.

First crack at concert tickets
Many cards today offer their customers the first shot at tickets to concerts and other events such as sporting events. Most times their are no discounts so do not expect them, they merely offer you the chance to get hard to get event tickets and save you the stress.

There are also perks for those who like to travel that can be invaluable. Myself I travel often and make use of these perks afforded to me with my Example Six card as well as other cards I own. Some travelers perks that credit cards offer include:

Car Rental Loss & Damage Insurance

If your rental car is ever damaged or stolen you will not be on the hook for the damage or loss provided that you used your credit card to reserve the car in the first place. Some cards require you to decline the collision damage waiver such as American express.

Airport Lounge Access
Many credit cards allow you access to airport lounges to make your flying experience more enjoyable. Nothing is worse than sitting in the crowded airport waiting area while waiting for your flight, but with a good credit card in your wallet you can enjoy having a drink or a bite to eat in a comfortable airport lounge while you wait for your next flight.