With an excess of different types of credit cards available to consumers, it can be difficult to determine which cards you should apply for. For those who know they won’t have a problem paying monthly credit card bills on time and want to be rewarded for their efforts, but may not have the credit score to get the card of their dreams, there are card options that will reward clients for paying bills on time.

There are a variety of reasons why a person might resort to such a card. Many young people and students haven’t had a chance to build their credit so they don’t have many options when it comes to credit cards. Others may have fallen into bad habits in the past or ran into unexpected events that resulted in a lower credit score than they would like. Having a card that recognizes and rewards good credit behavior is a good way for someone to develop good credit habits while also earning great rewards for their behavior.

Better Balance Rewards Card

With ‘s card, users can get cash back when they pay bills on time. Customers have the option of earning this cash back when they pay more than the monthly minimum of their card. This can add up to as much as $100 in rewards in a 12 month period. Additionally, this card has no annual fee and comes with an 11.99-21.99 interest rate, depending on different variables. But, for the first 12 months of use, the credit card has no interest fee.

Journey Student Rewards Credit Card

Capitol One’s version of the card offers a 1% cashback deal on all purchases. And additionally offers a 25% bonus top of this if fees are paid on time. This gives users the opportunity to earn 1.25% cash back just for purchasing things with the card. This card also conveniently lacks an annual fee and offers a flat 19.8% interest rate. Unlike the card, there is no limit to the cashback that a customer can earn.

Discover Motiva Card

Discover’s card featuring rewards for healthy financial behavior works differently than Capitol One and ‘s similar rewards system. Instead of offering a set amount or rate for cash back, Discover bonuses are equal to 5% of your interest rate if you pay on time. Other benefits of the Discover Motiva Card is a 5-20% discount when the card is used to purchase items from Discover’s exclusive online mall, ShopDiscover. There, Discover hosts items sold be exclusive retailers. Like the other two cards, the Discover card requires no annual fee and has a similar interest rate of 16.99-23.99% depending on one’s credit.