Citi Thank You Preferred is a rewarding card for spending on restaurant and entertainment purchases. Using your card to pay for these 2 categories of expenses will earn you 2x points. Dining out expenses encompass eating at fine restaurants, and paying for your coffee at coffee shops. Entertainment expenses encompass paying for movie tickets at theater, amusement park, tourist attraction, online on-demand movie subscription, and concert tickets.

There is a standard 1 ThankYou Point being credited to your account for all other purchases. This means you earn 1 ThankYou Point when you purchase gas, pay bills, shop at convenience store, groceries, and air tickets. There is no cap on how much ThankYou Points you can earn. The points you have collected can be used toward your shopping at Amazon. You can also redeem your points for merchandise, concert ticket, gift card and travel via Citi travel portal.

ThankYou points can also be transferred to TrueBlue points to get discount on flight tickets. The minimum points to collect in order to qualify for a transfer is 1K points. You can visit the ThankYou official site to find out the full list of items you can exchange with your rewards points. The points will never expire as long as your account is active.

Citi ThankYou card isinterest-free performing balance transfers as it has a 15 months interest free intro promo. All transfers will be charged 3% or $5 minimum fee. When the intro promo comes to an end, you will be charged the regular interest rate which is around 14.99% – 24.99%. The card has $0 annual fee so you don’t have to pay extra fees to keep the card in your wallet.

The card only let you earn points on purchases. Any balance transfer or cash advance you make will not earn point. The value of the redemption varies depending on what you redeem on. For example, in cash-back, you can earn $50 cash back for 10K points. If you want gift card, it will cost you 5,000 points to get a $50 gift card. You can call the customer support if you think that any purchase you make belongs to the restaurant/dining category but you only get 1 point for it.

The EMV chip technology in the card makes it suitable for use in your traveling. You can save a bit of money with the Citi Price Rewind feature. Citi Price Rewind can pay you back the difference if you can find another place that is offering the item at a lower price. You must inform the customer support that you have found an item with a lower price within a 60 days period. Citi Private Pass, on the other hand, can give you fast access to concert ticket or restaurant reservation.