If you have read our article on App parties and cash back rewards cards are what you are aiming for in an app party, I have complied a list of the best cash back reward credit cards to apply for during an App party. Many people simply do not travel enough to go for a travel rewards card, or simply prefer cold hard cash back on their purchases. Sadly for these cards the sign up bonuses are rather small, unlike travel reward programs, the sign up bonuses you will get with these cards tend to average around $100

Citi Double Cash Card
This card is second to none at the moment. There is a targeted $200 dollar sign up bonus for those with excellent credit. This offer expires 12/21/2014, but you could try and receive the offer by calling them directly and asking for it. Some people have tried this method and succeeded. It all depends on which CR agent you speak to and what type of day they are having. This card however is ruling the cash back credit card category by being the first and only credit card to offer an effective 2% cash back on all purchases. This is the cash back card you want to keep, the rest on this list you could use for the quick cash back then let the card go.

Capital One® Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card
This card has a $100 sign up bonus if you spend a mere $500 dollars within 90 days of opening up the account. Until the Citi Double Cash Card entered the market, this was the leading cash back card on the market and while it has lost it’s place to the Citi Double Cash Card, it to offers a high rewards rate of 1.5% cash back, when you add to that the $100 sign up bonus, this makes this card a keeper. You also get 0% on purchases and balance transfers until August 2016 and no annual fee or foreign transaction fees.

BankAmericard Cash Rewards Credit Card

This card offers as well a $100 cash rewards bonus after you spend at least $500 on purchases in the first 90 days of opening your account. Anyone can reach this with utter ease. You also get 1% cash back on all purchases, and 2% at grocery stores and 3% on gas for the first $1,500 in combined grocery store and gas purchases each quarter, so if using this card after an App party, use this card for your gas and food bills to maximize the cash back on top of your sign up bonus.

Chase Freedom

The 3rd true card that offers everyone a sign up bonus, this card also offers you a $100 Bonus after you spend $500 on purchases in your first 3 months from account opening, with an added $25 Bonus after you add your first authorized user and make a purchase within this same 3-month period, for a total of $125 dollars. This card I would recommend using for Christmas shopping. Why you might ask? You get a total of 5% Cash Back on up to $1,500 in combined purchases from October 1 to December 31, 2014 at Amazon.com, Zappos.com, and other select fine department stores. Rack up the $125 combined sign up bonus, then cash in on the 5% back. My own spending on gifts for the holiday season will earn me a cash back reward of about $37.50 which when added to the sign up bonus is a free $162 headed my way.

Union Bank Graphite American Express Card

The last card on our list with a reward worth mentioning (There are plenty that offer a measly $25 dollar sign up bonus which I will not get into here). The sign up bonus is worth $100 dollars, provided you spend $1000 within 3 months of opening up the account. You receive cash back on your purchases as follows: 3% on airline purchases, 2% on gas and groceries, and 1% cash back on all other purchases. There is an annual fee, but this card offers a $0 Introductory Annual Fee for the first year.

You total cash back if you do all of the cards with an open offer will be $425, not counting the cash back you will make for your purchases while meeting the minimum spending requirements. If you manage to get the Citi Double Cash Card targeted offer your potential sign up rewards will reach over $625 dollars which is not bad. Myself I travel so I used mostly travel cards in my app party, although I did apply for the bank of America card as I already do my banking with them, and I used only gas purchases to quickly reach the target goal of $500 spent to receive my $100 cash back, along with the cash back I had spent on the gas.