According to the Credit Card Act in 2009, you can legally have a credit card when you reach 18 years old. The law dictates that the applicant must provide proof of a steady income to show he has the ability to make the minimum paypart-time can provide proof of income as long as you have a job.

A part-time job will also be counted as long you have enough income to make the repayment. If you can’t provide proof of income, you can get added as an authorized user on your parent’s account.

As a young adult, you probably don’t yet have any debt so you don’t have a credit score. The credit score is a score calculated based on your payment history. It is used by the credit bureau to determine your ability to make repayment to the loans. Many people often advise not to get a credit card because of the high percentage of people getting trapped in debt. Nonetheless, if you use the card responsibly, you will be able to build up your credit history.

Since this is your first credit card, you should apply for a student or secured credit card. Retail credit card is also suitable for young adults. Discover it and Capital One offers great secured credit cards for young adults who are just starting to learn about financial responsibility.

Student credit card is easy to get approved even if you don’t have any credit history. You just have to provide proof that you are enroll in a local college or university to get approved. Student credit card has lower credit limit but you can use the card to build up your credit score. Low credit limit can prevent you from overspending and wrecking a huge amount of debt especially when you are still not yet earning enough income.

Many student rewards credit cards also offer rewards like cash back on every dollar that you spend on various categories such as gas, and restaurant. There may be a maximum spending limit on the cash back rewards program. You can also earn cash back reward for earning a good grade for up to 5 years. The card may come with some free tools such as Spend Analyzer that help you to plan your credit card spending.

Every card is different in terms of rates, fees and benefits so be sure to compare them via the online credit card comparison tool. You should try to look for a low interest card or card with zero percentage APR intro offer if you plan to carry a balance. This type of card can help you to save money on interest rate when you are making a big purchase.