Black Friday sales is going to takes place on the day after Thanksgiving holiday in November. With Black Friday quickly approaching next month, many people have already make shopping plans because they want to grab as much deals as possible to fit in their budget. There is good news for those who have credit cards because you can enjoy even more savings when you use your credit cards to shop at Black Friday. The following are the top 3 most rewarding cashback credit cards that you can get the most value out of your money on Black Friday.

1. Discover it Cashback Match

Discover it Cashback Match is offering 5% cash back rewards if you spend money at places like the department stores and fashion boutique on Black Friday. The 5% cash back rewards also applies towards any expenses that you make towards You can keep on earning the 5% cash back until you have reached $1,500 in your expenses.

You can go to their site to find out the list of approved department stores where you can shop at to take advantage of the cashback rewards. Card members who sign up for the first time will earn double cash back compared to old cardholders. Your cashback earnings will be matched at the end of the first year provided that you make payment for your credit card bills on time.

2. Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom is offering a promotion that let its members earn 10% cashback when they use their card to shop at the department stores, wholesale stores and pharmacy stores. The full list of approved stores include both local and online stores which you can find at the Chase official site. The offer is valid in between October 1 – December 31 2016. The 10% cashback rewards apply to several online stores. You can exchange the 10% cashback in the form of cold hard cash, gift cards and travel vouchers. To take advantage of this, you must sign up for the card and activate the rewards program before the 14th of December.

3. Blue Cash Preferred Card

Blue Cash Preferred Card is offering 6% cash back when you shop at the a major US department stores like Kohl’s and Sears. You will earn a cash back of 3% if you use the card to pay for your gas at the local petrol station. The cash back you earn will be in the form of rewards dollars and it can be exchanged for a statement credit. You are eligible for earning cash no matter if you make a minimum repayment every month and roll over your balance to the next or pay all the total amount you owe plus the interest in full every month.