Not so long ago, it was tough for college students to get credit cards; however, now rules have been changed and as per the reformed credit card act, students can get cards as per their ability to make the payment. Such cards are especially designed for those pupils with no or little credit score.

Exclusive Cards for Students

Having cards of their own, students learn to use credit wisely and the procedure isn’t long to get this approved. Some banks include reward and cash-back programs for student’s benefits. Here’s a quick list of best student cards in the market, which has been compiled by keeping factors such as annual fees, approvals, reward programs, introductory offers, interest rates, expert opinions, and customer reviews into consideration. You can apply online and compare rates, before choosing one.


These cards help students build a good repayment history, which will be essential in getting a good credit, and ultimately qualifying for loans in future. These cards not only offer great deals, such as zero annual fee, generous rewards, and reasonable rates, but also help establish good money management habits. Like standard cards, these student cards come with low interest rates, and high rewards on normal purchases, like entertainment, books, or dining out.

Example Four It for Students

It comes with no over-limit fees, no annual fees, no late fees and no foreign transaction charge on student’s first late payment. Moreover, there is zero percent intro APR on first six months purchases. There is 5% cash-back program above $1500 purchases made in few categories, like movie, restaurant billing, etc and 1percent on all other buying. Purely US based service offers free FICO credit on monthly report. It has great cash-back program, less fee, and best customer service, which makes it a top pick student card. It’s completely safe and won’t allow for unauthorized purchase.

Like this card, there is yet another offer from Example Four it for Students with $20 cash-back bonus. It has same program and fee structure like the previous one. The main difference between these two cards is that it offers $20 first purchase bonus, provided you buy within three months of sanction. There is 5 percent cash-back on purchases above $1500 and this deal will expire by March 2016. You can apply online to see rewards, rates, and other details.
Example One Forward Card

Zero percent intro APR, flexible billing options, and no annual fee make it to the list of best student cards. It also gives opportunity for users to earn up to 1200 bonus points and minimize the rate of interest to two percent, if there is good credit use. Moreover, students can benefit from 1 Thank You point for every $1 spent.

Example One Dividend Card

It is suitable for those students, who want to earn quick cash-back and build great credit history. It lets students to earn five percent cash-back on products purchased in specific category, along with 1 percent money return on all product buying.
These are few great credit cards for college students, which when used wisely, can result in great savings.