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Guide to the top rated cash back cards in 2021, updated for January of 2021

#1 – Capital One Quicksilver Card
Key Features
– Earn 1.5% cash back with all card purchases
– One time bonus opportunity of $100 with $500 in purchases during first 90 days
– 0% interest rate on purchases and balance transfers for first 12 months
– Cash back does not expire
– No annual fee

#2 – Barclay Rewards Mastercard
Key Features
– You can use your points as cash to pay for purchases
– Earn 1 point per $1 spent for all purchases, 2 points for every $1 spent on gas and groceries
– 0% introductory interest rate for purchases and balance transfers for first 12 months
– Free FICO score report on statement
– No limits on points you can earn

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#3 – American Express Blue Cash
Key Features
– Cash back is credited against your statement balance
– 0% interest rate for balance transfer and purchases for first 15 months
– Earn 1% on all purchases, 3% gas stations and (6% for supermarkets up to $6000 in purchases)
– Earn a $100 statement reward with $1000 in purchases during first 90 days

#4 – Bank America Cash Rewards Cards
Key Features
– Earn 1% cash back on all purchases, 2% on gas and 3% at grocery stores (combined to first $1500)
– 0% APR for purchases and balance transfer for first 12 months
– No annual fee
– $100 bonus with $500 in purchases during first 90 days
– Rewards never expire

#5 – The Card

Key Features
– Earn 1% cash back on all purchases
– 0% interest rate for purchases and balance transfers for first 14months
– Free FICO score reporting
– Award winning customer service
– No overlimit fees, foreign transaction fees

#6 – Citi Thank Your Premier Card
Key Features
– Earn 1 thank you points with every $1 in purchases
– Earn 3 thank you points with every $1 in purchases for dining and entertainment
– Earn 20,000 bonus points with $2,000 in purchases for first 90 days
– Points never expire

Additional Cash Back and Point Rewards Cards to Consider

Upromise World Mastercard
Citi Thank You Preferred Card
Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card
American Express Costco Card
Chase Saphire Card

Today, many credit card companies, more than half in fact, are offering cash back rewards to lure in new customers. Many of these cards have sign up bonuses and other perks, such as seasonal promotions, travel rewards and low APR introductory offers and balance transfers. If you are already using your credit card often, applying for and using a cash back card is an excellent way to save even more money every month, provided you live with in your budget and pay off the balance monthly, avoiding costly interest payments. With so many offers, how do you find the right one? This guide will help you with points to consider when choosing the right cash back credit card offer for you.

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  • Spending habits versus the right rewards card for you.

    You should weigh any cash back credit card offers against your spending habits. Most cards offer only 1% cash back, but some will offer things such as 3% Cash back at US gas stations or up to 5% cash back on qualifying online purchases, so if you travel to and from work long distances and fill your gas tank up often, this type of perk may be best suited for your needs for example. Research what cards offer the highest cash back perks for certain purchases and match those to your spending habits to make the most of your cash back card. Many credit card companies these days are partnering with certain online retail partners and websites to offer customers higher cash back rewards through these purchases. Checking for and reviewing any cash back credit card you are considering to apply for might yield you substantial cash back rewards for things you already buy in a brick and motor store by purchasing them online instead.

    Promotions and perks and potential con’s

    Many credit card companies also offer seasonal promotions, such as 5% cash back on purchases from clothing stores and department stores or through qualifying online retail websites. Other promotions include rewards linked to various sporting events, film festivals, or cultural activities. Make a note of each cards perks and promotions that you are considering applying for. Many cards also offer what is known as a signup bonus, however you should compare the cards perks, promotions and pro’s to any negatives that may be hidden in the cards fine print, terms, conditions and fee’s. Compare the potential cash rewards against the long term costs of the fee’s, APR and surcharges that may come with your new card. Also beware that many of these cards and programs have caps on the cash back, putting spending caps and cash back limits into the fine print of your credit card contract. Some cards sign up bonus’s may require you to spend X amount with in a certain number of months to actually qualify for and receive the reward, and this will need to be weighed against the potential interest that you may have to pay on the balance, in fact some customers see their entire cash back amount eaten up by higher than expected interest rates.

    General tips:

    * Read the fine print on all offers, beware of all earnings caps, APR rates, surcharges, caps and fee’s.
    * Research your spending habits to match with a cash back card to offer the best value and get the most cash back possible
    * Look into promotions but beware of pitfalls and catch 22’s when selecting a credit card offer to apply for
    * Read reviews from other customers about the credit card you are applying for.
    * Compare credit offers by pro’s and cons, use websites like this one to preview credit card offers that match your life style.

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